About Me

I love to dig into complex problems and solve them with the cutting edge technology.

Detailed oriented, get it done, on time and high quality product spirit with more than 14 years of experience in consulting, solving problems, defining requirements, product development, designing, execution & implementation.

I have extensive knowledge of Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) and Contact Center industry and technologies used in it. I have seen this industry change from on premise port/license based model to cloud based services to now AI enabled tools and services. As technology changed, I have kept upgrading my skill sets and during process helped many customers to transform their traditional applications/services to AI enabled digital applications.

Now in my current role as Senior Consultant- Analytics(Data Science Practice). I am helping customers to improve products and services by using advanced analytics, machine learning and NLP. I am also working on conversational AI chatbots using Google Dialogflow & Azure Bot Service platform.


  • Started chatbot and ML practice and trained the team.
  • Developed connectors for all major social media channels like Viber, WhatsApp, MS Teams etc.
  • Worked on complex digital applications for Telco’s and Banks.
  • Designed and developed the mini CRM with which is used by major Banks and Telco’s.
  • Design and developed UPS for IoT products.
  • Got selected for Microsoft BizSpark startup program for my Smart Home IoT product.

Professional Skills

  • Data Science, Machine Learning.
  • NLP, CX Architect, Conversational AI, Chatbots.
  • Product Management, UX Design,Team Development, Product Roadmap, Agile Development.
  • Consulting, Analytics, Strategic Planning.

Domain Knowledge:

  • Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) and Contact Center.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Small Business Software.
  • Enterprise Software.

Why this blog?

Whenever I am learning something new or preparing for new project, I have a habit of taking notes. In today’s always online world there is no shortage of content about any subject. For our single sentence query Google shows millions of results within few milliseconds! Problem is finding the good quality content from that mess.

While learning machine learning I have also faced the same issues. But since I have gone through that phase and now I have prepared my notes, I am going to publish it so that it may help others.

If your share the same interest connect with me at gunjal.satish@gmail.com