This page is work in progress…. I have added only Chatbot related projects as of now. I will be adding ML and rule based project details very soon.

During my 14+ years of career I have worked on variety of products, projects and POC’s. Few of them are as below,

AI/ML Projects

–under update

Conversational AI Projects

– under update

Rule Based Projects

At the start of my career I have worked on variety of rule based applications for telcos and banks. I have extensive knowledge of Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) and Contact Center industry and technologies used in it. Below are the few of my IVR, CTI, CRM and Analytics related projects. I have removed customers name and included high level architecture diagrams only.

Multimodal Bot Solution

Multimodal bot solution uses bot framework like Google Dialogflow and custom designed adapters to publish bot across variety of channels