Training & Certifications

List of trainings and certificates.

Machine Learning

Developing AI Applications on Azure The Elements of Data Science Certificate Coursera Machine Learning by Andrew Ng Intermediate Machine Learning Intro to Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing, Chatbot

Building Conversational Experiences with Dialogflow


AWS Fundamentals Going Cloud Native

Cisco CVP

CVP 4.0 Course 1 Technical Overview of CVP CVP 4.0 Course 2 Developing a Self Service Application with CVP Studio CVP 4.0 Course 3 CVP VXML Server Operations and Troubleshooting CVP 4.0 Course 4 Creating Custom Components in CVP Studio

Genesys Inbound and Outbound

Genesys Framework Installation and Configuration Genesys Framework Overview Genesys Outbound Campaign Management Genesys Outbound Contact Installation and Configuration

Avaya Inbound and Outbound

Avaya Administer Voice Portal Avaya Administer Voice Portal Assessment Avaya Avaya Call Management System Administration Avaya Call Management System Administration Assessment Avaya Customizing CMS Reports Workshop Avaya Customizing CMS Reports Workshop 1 Avaya Designing Avaya Self Service Solutions AVA00807WEN Avaya VoiceXML for Avaya Self Service Solutions

Programming Languages

Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio .NET